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Jun here, I love making apps for iOS. From MY, currently in SG working at Buuuk



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Digits - A Unique Calculator

Just another different kind of calculator app. =D

Digits is a unique, beautiful and simple calculator.

It’s mainly designed to be fast and reusable.

With the unique tagging feature, you can simply tag an important calculation and reuse it anytime by tapping on the “#” button.

To view previous calculations made, simply drag down the calculator and all your recorded calculation will listed in the history tape. Swipe to delete individually, drag further down to clear all.

Cool and easy!

App Store link :

Website redesigned. Yeah

Thanks to . They have really good taste on web design.

Just updated CALC info page. Check out what’s about CALC and how I got inspired to develop it at ( you can navigate it through the pages at the tab below below )

Have been working on a few projects at Buuuk and also submitted another “unique” calculator app, I gonna keep it mystery and talk about it once it’s in the app store.

Also, a proposal about CALC will be distributed to “countless” tech websites for review and hopefully it hits the top chart, hehe.

Thanks to for the upcoming press release.


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